mga pangandoy


* Rice Cooker
* Flat Screen TV - 19` will do
* DVD Player
* Shoes in all colors - donors and sponsors are welcome. feel free to approach me. thank you.
* Bags - to match the shoes in all colors
* ExploreCamotes
* Boracay
* Bohol
* Palawan
* Pass all my metrics to be always on track - a must!
* Celebrate my birthday in my hometown
* Go home this holiday seasons(2012) and celebrate Christmass and New Year with my family
* Double my saving-- i doubt! :D
* Lose weight
* Love myself more
* Be more kind and patient
* Be more considerate and more understanding
* Spend time with my friends - which i consider really precious
* Lovelife (?!)
* And most of all stay happy all year round! Hopefully. :)

These are some of I dream to achieve this year.

****This post is quite late.. Supposed to be posted last New Year.
Some of this achievables already been achieved. :)


Ahmad Vei said...

tong hilap kunjungi blog ane http://gayahidup-info.blogspot.com/

Ahmad Vei said...

tong hilap kunjungi blog ane http://gayahidup-info.blogspot.com