Setting: Opis
Main Lead: Eutikya

One day..

Eutikya: Thank you for calling ____________! How may I help you?
EU: How you can help me?

Eutikya: Yes Ma'am, how may I assist you? Whats the problem?

EU: Oh, you're asking what my problem is!? You are my problem and your stupid company! I keep on paying good money to the service I never get! Your company should shut down and fire all of you people so that we're not going to suffer anymore with all these bullshit that you offer to us! You people never offer good service. I have been with your company for more than 20 years! And all these years I've been a good customer! I don't deserve to be treated like these!

Eutikya: tulala mode.. :D

Eu hung up..

Libog man ta nganu ako man iyang problema.. tsk

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