unsay kalainan sa fate, destiny ug serendipity?


after almost 3 years na pagpataas ug buhok.. naka decide na jud kog magpaputol.. and 1 year na kong single today. hehehe





just because my eyes dont tear.. doesnt mean my heart doesnt cry and just because i came out strong doesnt mean there`s nothin` wrong...

often i choose to pretend that im happy so i dont have to explain myself to people who`ll never understand...

smiling has always been easier than explaning why im sad...

this post is for Janifer.

i hope i answered the questions you have in mind through this post.

aron ignon gwapa

receptive aphasia:

inability to comprehend spoken language and may suggest damage to the wernicke`s area.


boy: i love you...

girl: ... huh?...

why is that?!hmmmmmmm

tsar kaayo.. hehe.. bungol-bungol ang show aron ingnon. hehe